Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm talking to YOU

And another another thing. What's with not posting my writing as I damn well write it. Why does it feel the need to post everything in one big lump. I do put new paragraphs in. I do put extra spaces in sometimes to give some oomph to my words... but then once I publish one big lump of crap mashed together. How could our relationship have gone so wrong?!?!?

This is Me right now

And another damn thing! There used to be a nice amount of space I could put between my pictures if I posted 2 in the same post... But not any more. Now they are all squashed together like a big squishy mash of pictures. NOT PRETTY BLOGSPOT, NOT pretty. No matter what I try it just posts it as it thinks it should go up, not as I want it to. Damn me and my lack of computron skills. Damn damn damnity damnit. DAMN. Damn you blogspot too.


I M SO PISSED OFF WITH BLOGSPOT. or blogger. or whatever it is. I cannot once again, make my pictures larger. What the frickin eff bomb. 5 days ago it worked fine. Went to post pictures today and they are teeny tiny. I did nothing different! Damn you infernal internetting machine with your constantly evolving crap. I can't keep up. I don't want to keep up. All I wanna do is post my damn pictures and post them BIG. As big as I want. Grrr.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hippity Hop

Sounds like Clippity Clop

Dasiy Doo

Seeing Double


Jack never let go

While mucking about in the tide pools we found this crazy hermit crab who had a hold of another smaller one and would not let it go. It dragged the other one around the entire pool. Even when I plucked it out of the water to get a better picture it simply carried it with him. So of course it made me think of Titanic and and the "never let go" bit.

Oh those blue Muscles

White and Green and...

white and Black

Sea of Green

Pinchy and Orange

Wicked Witch material

It's broom!!


We came to Mayne Island on Sunday night, today was spent out taking pictures :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

les vrais jumeaux

mmm... chicken

sea anemones that look like radioactive green coleslaw from KFC I always disliked that stuff... something about the colour really weirded me out, what about you?

Felix the cat

Reminds me of DNA... double helix... sounds like felix, looks a little old school kinda like that old cat, now you know how I named that


Random name... no connection unless you can think of one... or if i think of one later

Spectacularly Sulphuric

Monday, May 7, 2012


Green Screen

Spun like Crazy

Sui Me

haha.. any guesses as to how I got this title? Last post I said "sue me" this post I was thinking about butterflies and their fancy flights... enter Anna Sui and her perfume Flight of Fancy :) Did you guess correctly?

On the FLip Side

Ok, this is a two parter... 1. because it's his flippers, 2. because he's leaving so it's a good bye 3. because the previous post was his head. I know that's 3 not 2 but I failed math 11, sue me.

indubitably dreamy

He looks like a professor... the more I look the more professorial he gets, but those dreamy half closed eyes...

I've lost my sheep

I always want to honk an Otter's big shnoz. Which leads me to beep beep, which makes me think of little bo Peep. Follow me?

It's all in the illusion

OK want to hear how I arrived at this post title? I had literally nothing to say that would be a good post title for this... so I googled "nothing to say" and found a song by Staind called (drumroll please) Nothing left to say... from the album... the Illusion of progress... you can figure out the rest... hopefully...

Aero the Smith

These are baby Wolf Eels taken at the Vancouver Aquarium... which immediately made me think of Never Cry Wolf, which made me think of Cryin by Aeosmith... which led me to the title ;)